Let me guess...your social media posts aren't turning
a profit and they're a pain in your - uh, business.

You plan the posts

You show up consistently

You overthink everything

You've started questioning your ability and sanity, but are convinced that if you were just a little more consistent that just maybe things would turn around. Maybe you've hired a social media manager and still aren't seeing the results your business needs.

You have this on again, off again relationship with your social media.

You're tired of constantly trying to "figure it out."

Is it the algorithm?

Should I post more?

What should I post?

When should I post?

Should I try carousels?

Does my feed need to be pristine?

Is my feed too clean?

Am I on the wrong platform?

Should I be on all the platforms?

You come back after a "break" and think it'll be different this time.
Guess what, it can be.

Let's set the record straight...all those questions that keep your head spinning - they aren't the problem.

You can have a pretty feed or a messy feed.

You can post 3x a week or daily.

You can show up live or schedule posts.

You can be on one platform or all of them.

That's not the problem.

The problem is that you've positioned yourself as a business instead of a brand.

The sad fact is that businesses are a dime a dozen, while a brand is one of a kind (if you do it right ).

This isn't about colors and fonts. This is about brand reputation, market positioning and becoming a go-to expert in your industry.

After this bootcamp, you'll understand how to:

Ditch the post & pray method.

If it hasn't worked yet, doing more of it won't help.

Post and profit without the stress!

Turn your posts into profits without becoming a brand and marketing specialist. Join us for our Brand Me! Bootcamp: The Social Media Edition.

Here's what you'll walk away with.

Tools to help you implement everything you'll learn.

stylescape template.

Stay on brand! Communicate your brand effectively with your team.

Content Generator + HeaDline prompts.

Strategically create posts that share your genius.

Voice + messaging Guide.

Clearly convey your voice + message with your audience + team.

Access to the LIVE.

You aren't a marketing specialist so review the video anytime you need.