Don’t buy another course,
funnel or email swipe file…

Girl, we understand wanting to fix your website, sales funnels, email templates and all those things for your business… Truly!

But you have to do this first…

5 days of clarity

Nail the services you should focus on, figure out the perfect pricing structure, pin point your target audience and fine tune your special sauce.

live trainings daily

Participate in LIVE trainings every day during the challenge so that you can get the most from it as possible.


Identify the business services and price points that will super-charge your business in a way that aligns with your desired lifestyle.

Community SUpport

Get the support you need in our facebook group of like minded momentum seeking ladies!


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Your Momentum

Our team of experts wants to support you on your journey as an entrepreneur.  Find out how we can help!

Kai Alday
Momentum Coach

Tessa Ashford
Marketing Strategist

Alicia Journey
Lawyer, ESQ

Courtney Boudet
Bookkeeper and Profit First Professional

Lindsay Darby
Co-Founder of Kickstart Accounting, Inc.

Caress Allen
Executive Assistant

Our clients say

"There is nobody better. Tessa is motivated, extremely talented, and uniquely focused on doing a better job than you could ever hope for. I feel safe in her expert hands."
Fred Cary
Executive Chairman & Co-Founder - IdeaPros Named Top 1% of American Professionals
"“I’ve spent hours working with Tessa Ashford and every second is absolute value packed. If you have an opportunity to attend an event or to work with her, I guarantee that it will be the best time spent in your business this year.”
Odin Zavier
Canadian Marketing Team
"After 12 years, I'm finally on my way to publishing my first children's book, with a second waiting in queue. Working with you has helped me to not only discover the limiting mindsets I held but also to create workable next steps that have moved my projects from dream to dream fulfilled! Your coaching has really been the pivot point for me from writer to author and I couldn't be more grateful."
"Kai, I just had to share with you that we hit our revenue goal last year. We ended our year at just over $50k (while working multiple jobs)! Thank you so much for believing in us and helping us out so much in those critical first months. We’ve had at least 1new customer sign up every day this year and 26 new sign ups in the past 2 weeks!"
"Kickstart Accounting, Inc. did a fantastic job setting up our accounting system By continually checking, recording, and updating our reports, Kickstart allows me to focus on the growth of my business. The Kickstart team provides outstanding advice – highly recommended!"
"Kickstart Accounting has been fantastic to keep my small business organized. It has been so great to get bookkeeping off of my to-do list and to know it’s being taken care of by qualified accountants who know the ins and outs. I also love the accountability that Kickstart offers- we schedule a time to discuss my profit-loss statement and discuss how I can grow my business financially. This has been a huge help!"
“I signed up for the quarterly meetings with Courtney, and it's been amazing working with her. The quarterly meetings have been effective. She helps me get through the reconciliation process quickly and effectively and helps me kind of deal with some things that I'm just not familiar with and don't come intuitively to me.”
“Courtney Boudet is an excellent bookkeeper. I was actually rather lost without her. And with her tutelage, I was actually able to keep myself out of trouble because I apparently can't count...She makes sure that my books are sanitized and clean so that, you know, I don't get in trouble at the I. R. S. That's the big one worth every penny. I highly recommend it."
“Alicia worked with me on getting me through some of the most complex legal issues that I had faced with my business in a way that made me feel supported, stress free and confident. She has a wholehearted approach to her practice and I am very grateful to have had her in my life during those challenging times.”
Diane T.
“When I worked with Alicia I felt like I was fully supported the entire time. She was knowledgeable, impactful and was always four steps ahead when it came to understanding where my case was going. I felt like I could relax because she was taking care of everything. She was also very personable and humble.”
MaTthew D.